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Tonight I went to see M. Ward and Dawes in Knoxville. I had been looking forward to this show for a few months. I was very excited when Matt announced the “Tennessee Waltz” tour. I have been a fan of his for a lot of years. I first got into him through Bright Eyes, my favorite band of all time, because he used to work with them a lot. He has also played on, sang on, and produced a lot of records by bands that I love. Most importantly though, I love his solo albums and his albums with Zooey Deschanel as She and Him. He is somewhere near the top of my list. J

I wasn’t able to get tickets when they first came out. Due to my current financial duress I am usually kind of last minute to get tickets now. I generally don’t like to buy tickets secondhand through eBay, craigslist ,scalpers and whatnot but occasionally I come across a deal I cant pass. The show wasn’t sold out but when I came across a pair of THIRD ROW seats on eBay for slightly more than I’d pay for one (crappy) seat in the balcony I had to jump on it. Pretty sweet deal. I know my sister is a fan so I figured she’d want to accompany me.

I was pretty last minute with choosing an outfit but I had a pretty good idea what I’d wear. I was going to wear my peacock dress again but instead I went with this cute dress I had bought back in the spring but had yet to wear. I’ve never been much of a dress person but lately I am starting to dig them. This one is short with long sleeves with an allover floral print. Its fitted around the waist and has pockets and it also has cutouts on the back. I wore my hair loose and kind of wavy (due to the on and off rain all day) and a long, layered necklace and my butterfly ring. Makeup was light and shimmery with black eyeliner. I was bored this afternoon so I worked on my nails for a long time. I painted 3 layers of color (goldish yellow on the bottom, neon yellow in the middle and bright green on top) and then a layer of the black crackle/mosaic over it. #girlstuff

We wound up being a little bit late, just 15 minutes or so, no one’s fault really. I was a little annoyed but didn’t think about it much. Dawes were already playing when we got there. I really enjoyed their set. Honestly I was almost as excited to see them as Matt. I have both their albums and enjoy them. I don’t know how much we missed ,probably a couple of songs, but I still got to hear my three favorites. They have a really nice folky, Sothern Californian pop sound. I like their front man, his stage presence is captivating, I was able to get a few pictures but my batteries were running low.

There was a very brief intermission-really brief for a concert-only like 10 minutes or so because they didn’t change any of the equipment or anything and Matt came out. This was my first time seeing him solo. I have saw him twice with She and Him. For some reason I am thinking I saw him play in Bright Eyes once before but I’m really not sure. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. He came out and played some songs solo (around 6 or so) and it was just very quiet and beautiful. Him and his guitar under a spotlight. Then Dawes came out and played as his backing band. They did three encores. I suppose they were encores even though it seemed WAY too early for the show to actually to be over. Maybe they were more like actual breaks than encores? I dont know. When they came out with the second encore he said they were going to be doing songs off his last record “Hold Time” and everyone rushed up to the front then. Which was a little annoying because when his set first started I told my sister to be prepared to run to the front but everyone stayed seated. Kind of dumb that everyone waited until the very last 3 songs to run up there. I guess I’ve been to too many rowdier shows this year. Staying seated was hard. =P We ended up on the front then but off to the side with a not so swell view. Anyways it was a great show! Matt is jut so talented.

I had somehow managed to bring an extra set of DEAD BATTERIES instead of the brand new ones on my desk so the entire time I had to keep alternating all my 99% dead batteries. My camera kept dying out but I still managed to get several good pictures and videos.

After the show we stood around inside for a bit till the crowd faded out and went to the room downstairs. They have a special march room upstairs so went there next. I didn’t plan on buying anything because I was saving my money in the likely event that I will also be going to Chattanooga to see them tomorrow night!

But I also knew that sometimes the bands hang out up there and I was right! There were only about 10 fans left and the guys in Dawes were there. I was almost too nervous to ask for a picture since I was sure my batteries would die and I’d be embarrassed. I got my ticket signed by all the guys and got pictures. I really like the singer, he is so adorable and hot in that countryish way that I like…seriously why do I crush so hard on countryish guys that aren’t from the South? There’s plenty around here, lol! He was really nice and I don’t even remember what we said. Something about wonderful shows, I love you guys so much! I’m going to come see you in Chattanooga tomorrow night and he said things like That is really cool, I will see you there, thank you so much! I swear I need to remember these conversations better. I am totally there and present and yet when I try to remember it and write it down it is a blur. Ugh I know we said more than that but….? Hahaha what is wrong with me.

We were turning to leave and then…in walks M. Ward!!!! I had a little fan girl moment where thoughts like “omg holy shit there he is! Is he actually coming in here? Am I actually going to meet him?! Asdfhl;l!!!” Honestly I hadn’t given much thought to actually being able to meet him. I remembered reading online a while back that he was notoriously reclusive, didn’t like to meet his fans, and things like that. So I was thinking “Ouch, this is going to suck if he blows us off…” and didn’t know whether to approach him or not but then this other girl guy and walks over there and we hesitate and then follow. I was a little intimidated but once we started talking I kind of thought that the things I'd read online were garbage. The people in front of me asked for a picture and he said that he didn’t do pictures, he was very sorry but he just hates having his picture taken at all,period,even family pictures. But he was nice about it and laughing and not rude at all. It would have been cool to have a picture but oh well. Just my luck I glanced at my camera in my hand and my batteries had finally died for good. YAY what better timing. So I’m glad that he doesn’t do pictures,haha,because it would have sucked to not have been able to get a pic if everyone else did.

I wasn’t too nervous, just very excited but as soon as I was in front of him he made me feel relaxed. I handed him my ticket to sign and he was all smiling and was like “Is this for me? Thank youuu.” and started putting it in his back pocket and I was like “Nooooo. Sign it please.” and we laughed. I told him that was a really great show, I’m a huge fan, l love you so much. and he said thanks and asked where I was from and I told him Dandridge and he asked where that was and I told him it was a tiny town about an hour away, he asked if it was towards North Carolina and I said yeah not too far from the state line and he asked me if I’d ever been to Asheville and I said yeah it was a great city and we talked about that for a few minutes and I told him we were going to go see him in Chattanooga tomorrow and he said that was great and asked if we lived close to there and I said about 2 hours away and then he was trying to figure out where I lived and he was like oh yeah,close to pigeon forge? We went there today and went to Dollywood and then we talked about Dollywood and he told us how much he loved this area, that he had never been to this part of TN before. Then we started talking about Chattanooga, he asked us all about it because he had never been there and we told him we didn’t know much about the music scene, we’d never been to any shows there before and he was all excited about playing there. I told him I was pretty sure this venue had just opened and he was the first concert there according to the website and he seemed pretty excited about that. Then he asked if we were best friends and I said sisters. Haha first person to not realize we were sisters. Then we said goodbye and exchanged hugs and he said he hoped to see us there tomorrow.

I guess all those things I read online was bullshit because he was super nice and sweet and funny and talked to us for a long time. That was a really great and somewhat unexpected surprise! : D

Buuuuuuut I am still not completely sure we are going tomorrow. I hope so and I think so but…I don’t know for sure yet. (edited to add: I totally did. :D)


and the anchor person on TV says....

Holy crap! I was just browsing Pollstar and I almost had an orgasm. The Smashing Pumpkins are doing a nine day stint at the Orange Peel in Asheville in July. Kind of like a reunion/reintroduction/transitional thing I guess. I don't know. Anyways they are one of my favorite bands ever and I will take a half assed comeback as opposed to nothing anyday! Woo. I must attend!

I'm also kind of torn on going to the Idols tour. I really really really wanna see Blake and the show was fun last year when I went to see Taylor. Taylor got a lot of stage time because he won so I think I'll wait and see who wins. I don't wanna go and have to sit through 2 hours of Melinda freaking Doolittle,you know? Haha. Speaking of which,I'm gonna cry if Blake gets voted off tomorrow night. Nooooooooooo.

I'm so excited for the Bright Eyes show this weekend. By the time I got around to ordering my tickets,it sold out. So I got a pair on Ebay. Sixth row. I'm always nervous about ordering stuff on Ebay so I'm gonna freak out until the tickets get here. I paid for Fed-Ex so they should get here Friday or Saturday. Very last minute. Aghhhhh!

MCR are coming back this way in August. But they're co-headlining with Linkin Park. Ewwww.

I went to Target tonight and spent too much money. I got a pair of bermuda shorts, a plain black skirt with big pockets on the front, a brown polo shirt with an owl on it and a bathing suit top. I bought the top because it was on sale for $5 but it looks awful on me. It's so hard to find a bathing suit with any support for my huge boobs. Haha. Most importantly I got the new Wilco CD. It's not getting good reviews but I love it. It's so pretty and mellow. Definately reccommend it.
I'm sleepy but I need to sort through this mess in my floor first. I've become so disorganized lately. Heh. I can't even find my bills. I am waaaaaaaay behind on mail. Waaaaaaaaaay behind. I have a drawer and a plastic bag of mail I need to reply to. Mostly swaps and letters. If I owe you something,I apologize for being annoying and slow. I still love you though,don't worry. :D I went by the PO tonight to get a book of stamps but the APC machine was down. Grrrr.

American Idol was so good tonight! Even the people I don't like gave good performances I have to admit. I voted for Blake 50 times and I voted for Jordin 100 times. (Ehh,obsessive much? I find voting addicting! Haha.) I'm not a HUGE Jordin fan but if I had to pick a second favorite,it would be her. Plus I would much rather see her in the top 2 rather than LeKeisha or Melinda. I'd LOVE to see Blake and Jordin in the final 2.

I am downloading the new White Stripes single right now. I can't wait to hear it. I really want to see them live this summer. They're playing in Atlanta in July...I think I might try to go to that. Of course they are playing Bonnaroo here next month. I really want to try the festival thing...I've never been to a big festival...like Bonnaroo lasts 3 days I think and that scares me! I don't think I could survive outside for 3 days. Haha. I'm gonna go to it one year though. The lineup isn't impressive at all this year in my opinion. THREE WEEKS UNTIL BRIGHT EYES!!!
Oh,wow. I definately need to update more. It's been so mnay days now that I can't properly fill you in. Except on the big stuff since my memory is clouded and I'm way sleepy.

I was off today and got to sleep in for the first day in WEEKS. I continued to lounge about the house all day because no one would take me anywhere. Hah. I watched tons of old school Degrassi episodes,cleaned my room,did 6 loads of laundry including all my bed stuff and rugs. Read a few magazines. Played PacMan a million times. Wow,I have been such a lazy cow today. You now what? Used to I loved to stay at home and wouldn't mind being stuck in for days but now I hate being home. I can't stand to be home for long periods. Even an entire afterrnoon. I get all nervous and anxious. I'd rather be away from home and away from those demons (haha)...I don't know. I'm just much more relaxed away from home.

Work? Ummmm...it's work. I am currently still tolerating my job. I hate it but I have convinced myself that I'm leaving any day now so I can tolerate it easier. Like I don't get "involved",you know what I mean? I just show up and do my job and leave. I don't get involved in any of the personal dramas or lives or details of anyone else. I still take my breaks in the break rooms and I try to participate in conversations and stuff but it's so boring. At least they have 2 girls now working that are close to my age. One of the girls was awesome until they hired the other one and now they are like best friends and it's really annoying. Friday Michelle and I worked in the laundry together all day. The boss put us together and it made me so nervous. She's okay I guess. Way annoying though. Michelle is eighteen and she is living with a guy who is 29 and MARRIED to someone else and has 2 kids with her and guess what? Michelle is pregnant with his kid. And from what she says it sounds like the guy is kind of still seeing his wife too. What an idiot. She was on her cell phone like 99% of the time and I did most of the work but that was okay with me because at least I didn't have to make small talk. Anyways I used to be good friends with the guy's sister a few years ago and I know for a fact that he had 3 different girls pregnant at the same time...I told her but I don't think she believed me. Michelle is so stupid to put up with him...she doesn't see anything wrong with the situation either! ::shakes head::

Last week was the My Chemical Romance show. Oh my God-they are the best live band I have ever seen. They put on one hell of a show. I am still obsessing over it. Not to sound like a teenybopper,but Gerard Way is the sexiest thing alive. I seriously considered finding a way to Charlotte to see them the next night. We left on Wednesday morning and got there in the afternoon and checked into a hotel. We planned to walk around downtown and snoop in some of the shops and stuff but when we passed by the Auditorium people were already lined up. So we got a snack at some deli and then we got in line. About three hours later we got in. Muse opened for them. They were really good! I think they are one of those bands that are really good at what they do but,unfortunately,they are doing what everyone else is doing. I could name 10 bands in 5 seconds that sound just like them. I think I already have one of their CDs. Anyways they played through the entire Black Parade record as The Black Parade (band) and then they left the stage and played "Blood" in the background and then they came out and did a set as MCR. They ad fireworks and confetti and I've never seen a show like that. I never rocked out so hard in my life. As you know,I freak out in crowds but it wasn't so bad. We got behind a bunch of preppy "hipsters" and they were really annoying but the couple behind us were awesome. I met a lot of nice people believe it or not. As for merch,I got 2 shirts,2 stickers,3 pins and a poster and a cute souvenier bag. After the show we waited around for hours in the pouring rain to try to meet the band. The security people were major assholes and kept running us off (It was us,some girl and her mom and 2 other girls) and threatening to call the police and stuff. Anyways we finally gave up and left,figuring we had probably missed them. I gave the one girl my email and LJ and told her to let me know if they ever came out because she was dying to meet Gerard. She never got back to me...I had hoped she might anyways. I could use another cool friend,haha! I couldn't sleep at all that night. :D It was such a dream to finally see MCR live and I don't think I have ever mentioned it in here but The Black Parade is one of the best records ever and it has become one of my top 5 records of all time.

The next day we did some shopping and touristy type things and came home Thursday night. You know what? People are much nicer down there or maybe I just fit in more because a lot of people talked to me! Like more total strangers struck up conversations with me (FOUR different people at the mall asked me about the MCR show) in that ONE day than has happened to me in the last TEN YEARS here. Seriously. I can't explain it. I just feel at home in that city. I'm going back in three weeks to see Bright Eyes. WOO! :D

I've not been online much at all lately. I don't know why. Well,I've barely been home in a week because I stayed at my grandparents and they don't have internet. I'm off tomorrow too. I gotta get out of this hous. I need to go the bank and then I'm gonna go hang out at my sister's and see if she wants to go swimming or something.


La dee dah Lah dee dah dah dah dah

The Decemberists concert was so awesome last night! We got there about 10 after eight. We were late because I started my period on the way down there and had to stop at some nasty gas station. Ugh. Luckily I had some pads in my purse. Haha. And luckily I was wearing a loooong tunic top. But I was also wearing my most tight and uncomfortable jeans...ehhh. I went shopping yesterday and tried to find a cute top to wear since my Threadless order still didn't come. I guess it was because of my period that I couldn't decide on anything. I didn't feel like wasting $20 or so on a top I'd probably wear once...so instead I got this gorgeous pair of flats at Kohls. So anyways we had really great seats. The other shows I've went to at the Tennessee my seats had always been on the floor. I got front row balcony seats this time and I actually think I prefer sitting up there because you've got an unobstructed view and you don't have to worry about some seven foot asshole standing up in front of you the whole time. Which is usually what happens,right? Hehe. The opening band was My Brightest Diamond. Ehhh,I didn't like them at all. They reminded me a lot of Evanescence. The girl had an opera-ish voice and she was one of those annoying singers who is like constantly whispering or screaming...you know what I mean? The guitarist was pretty great though. The Decemberists came on and played this wierd chanting intro for what seemed like an hour and then the band came out. Colin Meloy is actually way more good looking in person. Hee. :D The highlights were "July! July!" , "O Valencia!" , "Sixteen Military Wives" , and "Yankee Bayonet (I will be home then)". The girl from My Brightest Diamond sang the girl vocals on "Yankee Bayonet" and she started out all whispery and annoying but it was still pretty great. That's one of my favorite songs. :) It felt like their set flew by it actually lasted about ninety minutes. The best part though was the encore. "The Mariner's Revenge Song" which I am pretty sure I hadn't heard before. The whole crowd was swaying and clapping and they had everyone scream like they were being eaten by a whale. They had someone come out in a joint whale costume and "eat" the band. They were falling around and playing dead and it was just so much fun. Everyone was way into it. If I find a setlist,I will post it. Oh yeah,did I mention I took Noah to this show? He loves the band...hehe. Seriously. :D I am so glad someone is inheriting my taste in music. And he had so much fun too. Am I the most awesome aunt ever or what? I'm so happy to be able to turn him onto good music and going to shows. I wish someone had done this for me when I was a kid! Well my sister took me to shows...but not until I was like fifteen and asked her to. Haha. No one else I know enjoys or even wants to go. Ugh. But Noah is awesome and I definately don't mind taking him. :)

Yay! This is gonna be such a good month. Even if I only get to see the Decemberists and MCR. I'm not sure about Neko Case...if I can make it all,I am going to go. Damn being broke! Grrrrrr. And then I'm seeing Cake on the 27th. Maybe something else will come up too. :D

Mom dropped me off at Mamaw's on her way to work this morning and I hung out all day there. My sister offered to take me to try to get my liscence. But I haven't studied the book AT ALL so I figured it would have been a waste of time. I got home about seven and tried to sort through my mail drawer. I've got SOOOOO much mail to reply to. I have really let it pile up over the past month or so. I guess it is because money is so tight that I can't afford stamps and I've lost the motivation. I don't like to write letters and have to wait weeks or months to send them. Once I get a more steady income,I can get back in the swing of things. I've also lost interest in decos because my printer has no ink and I can't do labels or pictures to use in decos. Plus I've been so depressed and nervous. I don't know why exactly but ever since that one Saturday a few weeks ago when I made that long ass whiny post in here,something changed in me. I am sad and nervous and distracted and jittery and bored like all the time. I can't concentrate on anything. After that I took a bath and sat in front of the TV for three hours watching the comedy shows on NBC. Played with Pixie a bit and cleaned out the hamster cages too. Yuck. I didn't clean them out last week (and I NEVER skip a week...) so they were really stinky today.



So I'm watching American Idol right now. It seems like I am NEVER home on Tuesday or Wednesday. I always tape it or watch it at someone else's house. It sucks because it's one of those shows that's not fun to watch by yourself. I love Blake. And my sister is into Dancing With the Stars and she's got me hooked on it too! And I don't even like it that much,but now I just HAVE to watch it. So I taped it too. I wonder who went tonight...!

My allergies have been way annoying this week. My nose isn't as stuffy as it was but now it's runny and I've got a nasty cough. I felt so bad Sunday and Monday. I need to get back on prescription allergy meds.

I worked this weekend. I know,I know...I did go back even though I said I wouldn't. I hate it so much. I came home Saturday and cried. But I keep telling myself it's temporary. The thing is that we were still on layoff but when we came back,there were like 10 new people. Doesn't make any sense. And she scheduled me for 5 days this week...even though we had EIGHT roooms yesterday. Which does not require six housekeepers to be there! So nothing has really changed. It felt so wierd being back. It felt like nothing had changed there but everything had changed for me. I realized I did not miss it and I do not need it. And my boss was really nice too which didn't make any sense. Both days I was like on autopilot...I tried my best to ignore everyone.

Saturday was my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary so we had a big cookout for them at the park. It was fun I guess. I was in a bad mood and didn't feel good but I tried to enjoy myself. It was nice too see all my great aunts and uncles and distant cousins. We had a baseball game which is always fun. I hate sports but I try to be active and family games are always funny. Our team was horrible. We lost like 22 to 2. And Sunday I went fishing after work. Well I just went because I was bored. Haha. Monday I was supposed to work but I called in because I couldn't breathe and could barely talk.

This morning I went to the bank and got lunch at Taco Bell. Tonight I worked for my uncle. I served at a Passover thing. $75 for five hours. Not bad. I wish I could do this full time! Heh. Dad let me drive all the way to Knoxville and back. Well when we got right in the city where the heavy traffic was we switched back. I am getting better at driving and it definately felt more comfortable tonight and I didn't almost kill us even once! Haha. Hopefully I will be ready to get my liscence soon. I wish I could get it before the 25th so that I could drive to Nashville.

I got a betta fish today! I've been wanting one for a while. My nephew Noah bought it for me. Have I mentioned how awesome he is? He's eight and the sweetest kid ever. He's on spring break so he is staying with us most of the week. I am also dogsitting my sister's poodle until Thursday. He's so hyper! He's about six months old and he's into everything. He chews on everything and he pooped in the house once tonight. Her landlord is supposed to check something out tomorrow and she didn't pay the pet fee so she's hiding him here. Pixie hates having another dog here. Like she ALWAYS sleeps in my bed but Harley was in here so she's sleeping in her doghouse in the living room. I'll try and get some pictures of them. Oh yeah,they told me he sleeps under the bed and apparently he really does. Is that strange? I thought it was! Haha.

Guess who is a redhead?

So my hair makeover did not turn out like I had planned. I didn't have enough of the color stripper. Apparently I should have listened to my gut and bought two boxes instead of one. So anyways I used it last night. My hair turned this awful,awful kind of RED. Not like orangey red,but a dark red. I knew my hair still had too much darkness/black left in it but it was too horrid looking for me to go out in....and I knew no one would run to the store for me...so I went ahead and used the bleach. The result? I am now a redhead! Haha. Coincidentally my camera batteries are dead so I can't post a picture. Terri describes it as a strawberry blonde. My roots are the most blonde (since it's my natural color anyways) and the tips about 3 inches up are a darker red/brownish color but overall it's an orangey color! It's kind of funny because I always wondered what I'd look like as a redhead. I actually really like it! I am thinking about keeping this color for a while. Anyways,I am definately keeping this color over the weekend since I have to work and there's a big family party thing on Saturday and it will freak everybody out. :)

Mar. 27th, 2007

My boss at my old job called me yesterday. She wants me to start back to work on Saturday. I really,really,really,really,really don't want to. I was completely sure that my time there was over. I had no intentions of going back. But now I am definately considering it. I mean,I haven't had any luck finding another job yet and very few places around here are even hiring right now. For right now it would only be 2-4 days a week. Weekends of course. :( And I NEED a job! I could definately use the income. ANY job is better than none,right? And,depending on how many hours I work,I could still get some unemployment money too. I don't know what to do. There's no way I can stand another season there. If I do go back,it will definately only be temporary. Just until I can find something else. I called about 2 hotel jobs in the newspaper today...one of them had been filled already and the other paid almost $2 less an hour than I make right now. SUCKS. I hate this job so much...well,mainly my co-workers. The job itself isn't so bad. Mainly I keep thinking that aside from my bills,I need money for concerts! I STILL haven't ordered the My Chemical Romance tickets. I really wanna see Neko Case in three weeks too. Morrissey (Oh my God,yes,Morrissey!!!) tickets go on sale Friday. Damn...I could order them then and get really good seats.

Speaking of concerts,I found out too late that The Killers are playing in Nashville the night before the MCR show. It's already sold out. I could have gotten tickets to both and stayed in town for both days. Ack. Tickets on Ebay and craigslist are going for outrageous prices. So,unless,I come across a REALLY good deal,I won't be going to that. Bright Eyes are playing on the 19th. I won't be able to convince anyone to road trip me down there twice in a month so I'll probably have to miss that one. Oh well. We'll see. If at all possible,I'm going. Hehe. :)

I ordered this shirt to wear to the Decemberists show. I ordered it 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped. I hope I get it before next week. I thought it would be cool for the show because the design is based on The Crane Wife. :)I also got this one and this one and this one. I'm going to try to find a cute (cheap!) skirt to wear with it-I guess I'll try Goodiwll or Ross. And I'm going to get a new pair of flats or wedges-I saw loads of cute ones at Ross and Payless.

I plan to do my hair Thursday. Depending on how it goes,I may wait a few days between the stripping and bleaching. Ehhh. Just to be safe,I'm gonna buy an extra bottle of black dye. And I was browsing the website and I saw that they sell Manic Panic dye at Sallys. Awesome. That's the brand I wanted to get but I figured I'd have to go for some random brand. I'm gonna put in some pink streaks or have pink bangs-I'm not sure which yet. :)

What have I been up to?

Avoiding stuff. Obsessing too much. Being nervous and anxious as hell. Can't sleep. How about you?

Guess what? I won 2 front row Nascar tickets to the race in Bristol this past weekend! Can you believe that? I never win anything and I finally win something big and it's something lame like that. Haha. So my cousin works at Food City (grocery store) and they have this thing every year called Food City Family Race Night and he always get a bunch of free tickets. It's pretty lame but they have free food and they give away all kinds of stuff,like every person leaves with bags of goodies! All the Nascar sponsors are there giving away free products. Brandy and I didn't really want to go but we didn't have anything better to do so we went. Anyways we signed up for this drawing and they called my sister's name on stage. She went up there and she won a $250 giftcard for Bass Pro Shops! And then in the second drawing,we weren't even listening. My nephew came running up to me and said that I had won something! So I went up to booth and they told me I won Bristol tickets. I was freaking out because even if I don't like racing these tickets were worth like $100 face value and they had been sold out foreverrrrrr. So then I didn't know what to do with the tickets. I checked on Ebay and craigslist and I could have probably sold them for like $500 but I didn't have a lot of time and besides,I am much too nice. I know that my Dad has always LOVED Nascar-he's always been a HUGE fan and he's never had the oppertunity to go to a race. Plus it was his birthday too. So I told him he could go. My eight year old nephew,Noah,loves racing too so I gave the tickets to them.

So on Sunday we dropped them off at the races and the rest of us drove up to Virginia and went shopping. I had saved my unemployment check for the week so I'd have some money. I didn't buy a whole lot. I bought a few necklaces and bracelets and headbands and candles at the flea market. I also bought Pixie some homemade treats at a dog bakery. The lady there was so nice,I bought a jumbo sized bag of them. I also got a red tanktop and a bunch of postcards.

When we went back to the pick them up we were in traffic for FOUR hours. Ouch. We didn't end up getting home until about eleven. Dad and Noah had a great time at the race. They bought me a tee shirt. Hehe. I wore it yesterday and like FOUR guys smiled at me. I'm not kidding.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. I went to the place I usually do and they had all new people working there. The kady who cut my hair was such a bitch. I told her I wanted the same cut,just a few inches shorter. So she's cutting my hair and says it done and asks me if I like it. I look in the mirror and she's given me some kind of strange mullet. It's all short in the front and like four inches longer in the back. I am trying my best not to laugh and tell her I want it shorter in the back. After I got home I was looking at it and she didn't even put layers in the back. It was layered in the front and from my ears all the way around it was one legnth. What a waste of money! I'm never going there again. So I cut in some layers myself. Geez. I like it though. I guess. Wish it were shorter though.

I did my research and I am ready to go blonde again. Most people tell me "NO! Don't ever go from black to blonde at home! Go to a salon! You'll destroy your hair!" ...and I don't get it. It's just hair. If it messes up really bad,I'll just go black again for a while. No big deal. I wanted to go get the "supplies" (stripper/bleach/etc) today but I don't think anyone is going to take me. Grrrrr.

I love this Ipod icon. Hehe.

My list of complaints for this week? My lower back is killing me again. Well,I am exaggerating I suppose. It hurts but I can ignore it most of the time. It's more annoying than anything. My tooth is feeling better though. I only had to take one Advil yesterday and one today. Netflix is being annoying too. My movies seem to be coming on random days now. It's kind of annoying because I looked forward to watching movies all day yesterday and then I didn't get any. I was supposed to get 3 and one of them came today.

Today my sister came over and we went to the park. I hate sports and I am definately not athletic but we all played baseball for about an hour. They said I was pretty good. Haha. That's another part of childhood I missed out on...I was never on any sports teams. Then I walked around the track six times. Which I think equals about a mile to a mile and a half. It felt good but my legs are cramping.

I am so sick of my financial woes. I know I complain about this all the time but it's insane. I miss shopping all the time...I miss being able to go out and buy stuff all the time. I miss being able to buy a new outfit or a new cd the day it comes out or a dinner that isn't a burrito at Taco Bell. Seriously...I am a shopaholic at heart and it's killing me. Haha. I haven't even ordered the My Chemical Romance tickets yet! I am praying that it doesn't sell out before I get that much extra money. Not to mention the HUUUUGE stack of mail I've got here that I need to send out. If I owe you something,chances are it's right here in my desk. I just really want to go back to work. In the papers today I saw like 4 jobs I'd really like to apply for and I'd really like to but then I think logically...how would I get there everyday? It's so annoying to not be able to drive. Don't even get me started. I am sick to death of that situation too.

I think I am going to go for the med transcription course at a local community college. Summer classes start in June but I really wouldn't go to school all summer. Is that lame? I know it probably sounds like an excuse but I've thought about it a lot today and I wouldn't want something to take up my whole summer. If I start in the fall,I can be done by next summer and have a job by then. Registration for fall semester starts in June. I can definately have my liscence by August. I have looked around and there are loads of jobs in this area. I'm excited about it. It would be nice to have a hotel office job when I go back to school. Most of the office people at my old job were students because they were always studying when they weren't busy. So I basically just need to find something for the next couple of months.